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About Dr. Schiel

Dr Jennifer Schiel holistic medicine against tree in york meHello, I’m Dr. Jennifer Schiel, and I’d like to personally welcome you to my private chiropractic practice in York, Maine. Here you will find a sanctuary for health and true healing, and information on how my chiropractic care can improve your physical well-being and, by extension, your entire life.

Time after time, I have witnessed the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself with my trained guidance. I bring this steadfast belief in the wisdom of each patient’s body to every appointment.

I’m very passionate about helping patients of all ages to experience more pain-free active lives without all the usual medical interventions. I’m also passionate about making quality chiropractic care affordable and accessible for all.

Thank you for visiting. I’ll hope you’ll spend some time here, and schedule your own free fifteen-minute phone consultation with me soon, to discuss how chiropractic can change your life.

Wishing you wellness,
Jennifer Schiel, D. C.